During the “Acts” sermon series we explored the personalities behind the great move of God in the early years of the Church, as recorded in the Book of Acts.  We focused on how God was empowering His people through the Holy Spirit to bring great transformation. One adjective was selected to highlight each person’s spiritual giftedness. Each message focused on how the disciples used their spiritual gifts to share the love of the gospel. The hope is that, as we gain deeper understanding of the manner in which God blazed a new path for the Christian faith in the first century, we will be better positioned for a new work of God in our lives and through our church.

In designing the set, I wanted something that made a big impression to mimic how big the move of God was during that time. My team found some interesting wood pallets for $1 a piece.  They are quite different than the standard pallet, which I liked, and they are so versatile that I knew we could use them for future projects as well. We bought 40 of them and built a 4 high x 8 wide grid and two stand alone towers that were 1 wide x 8 high. We used 2 x 4s and ¼ inch plywood for assembly and support.  Floor LED’s up-lit the wall from the front to add dimension. Then, to bring focus to the highlighted spiritual gifts, I painted a sign for each adjective and added a new word to the wall every week. The signs are painted on ¼ inch plywood.  With Acts 2 in mind, we also wanted a way to express how the Holy Spirit came like a fire to rest on the people, fill and enable them.  So, we put an “eternal flame” fire pit center stage and a candle under each word on the wall. So, that in accordance with the message each gift (candle) was empowered (lit) by the flame of the Holy Spirit. We spent under $500 on the entire set for a 9 weeks series. Stay tuned to see how we plan to repurpose these pallets for some other design uses.

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