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Hey! I’m Alex, a graphic designer, storyteller, artist, worship curator and the creator of Spirit Orchard Designs. This blog is a place for me to share my personal growth, stories, and creative endeavors and be a source of encouragement.

My hubby, Jason, and I are born and raised Southerners and reside right in the heart of Dixie. We love a warm cup of coffee, a long sit on a screened porch, our 2 Basset Hounds, camper traveling, Auburn Football, and a good hard laugh. But most of all, we love our kids. All 3 of them. And all the fun and chaos they bring. They are the best pieces of art that I could have ever had a hand in making. Loving them teaches me more about the love of the Lord than I could have ever understood otherwise.

As for me, I love an empty canvas, paint brushes in mason jars, and a good messy desk. My studio is in the heart of my home, with all 3 kiddos running ’round. Being all self-taught, I am a professional at nothing, and definitely still a work in progress. I am totally bent on embracing grace and all the mess and stories that come along with it. If you are super interested in knowing me and my heart behind what I do, watch my video below.

Everything you come across in the Orchard is a piece of my walk and the cultivation the Lord is doing in and through me. You’ll find homegrown art and printables, and hopefully a dose of inspiration.

Enough about me. I would love to get to know you. I think it’s fun getting to know people and all their different quirks and bents. So holler at me. Subscribe me. Tweet me. Facebook me. Whatever. Let’s collaborate.Blog Signature